OneStep ALR™ Acrylic Lens Restorer

OneStep ALR™ Acrylic Lens Restorer

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Gone In 30 Seconds.

Non abrasive, non flammable Acrylic Lens Restorer safely and instantly removes heavy opaque acrylic oxidation from headlights tail lights, solar panels and emergency lights on contact. There is nothing that removes acrylic oxidation faster safer or more efficiently on Earth *100% DIY Anyone can do it male, female, child or adult. No special skills or tools needed. *ALR WILL NOT HARM PAINT.

Oxidation is the most common problem with headlights today. 90% of headlights
that need cleaning are affected by this oxidation. The other 10% have serious problems caused by abrasive sandpaper and polish headlight cleaners and polyurethane sealers. Abrasive sandpaper headlight cleaners are source of the worst damage you will  find on a headlight. They start out looking  better in some cases and some will work better and last longer than others. But they will all ultimately  reoxidize, yellow and in the case of kits that use sealers degrade
even further and begin to peel. If your headlights have not been damaged by a cheap headlight sanding "KIT", or an abrasive based polish like rubbing compound, toothpaste, or harsh chemicals, You can clear them up in seconds........not minutes......SECONDS.


OneStep ALR Design products are tested in the real world on cars that come into the
same conditions your car does on a daily basis. Laboratory results attained in  development of the product are not used as a final litmus test for product reliability.
No one drives their car in a laboratory. We test our product on cars that have been
pronounced  "DEAD ON ARRIVAL". These vehicles have come to the end of their useful life and are waiting to be recycled. 
PITTMAN'S ORIGINAL ONESTEP ALR brings them back to life. "The Finishing Touch in Automotive Detailing."


REMEMBER, UNLESS PREVENTED, NATURALLY OCCURRING OXIDATION WILL RETURN. VaporWax APC will prevent oxidation from forming on acrylic paint and headlights.