It's So Good, It's Weird.


KMOD Alien Liquid Research / Infinite Design 360
est. 1989 creator / distributor of: Pittman Original One Step™ Acrylic Lens Restorer(ALR) & VaporWax™ Acrylic Paint Conditioner( APC ). ( Alien Liquid Research /360 Infinite Design ) division, creates the most advanced acrylic restoration products in the market today. Pittman's Original OneStep ALR™ is sold and recognized world wide uniquely, as the Original pure liquid non abrasive thermoplastic lens deoxidizer.  Pittman's OneStep and VaporWax APC™ are not commercially produced or sold in any stores. Pittman's Original OneStep ALR™ and VaporWax APC™ are molecular reactive designer products exclusively produced in controlled amounts for private accounts and distributed world wide via EAP Solutions™

The Theory behind Alien Liquid Research
An acrylic deoxidizer is a non abrasive liquid designed to remove acrylic oxidation on contact, The applied theory is oxidation is a natural build up of loose oxygen electrons also known as "free radicals" some of these are attracted to acrylic surfaces. These electrons have a natural negative charge and are drawn to the surface of acrylics. 

The amounts are increased when current is passing through the headlight.
These electrons will build up on the surface until no light can come through. In the process they create an absorbent surface layer that will trap road debris such as gas and oil and will be darken by Ultra Violet Light. These ''additional contaminants'' can degrade the UV layer and turn the oxygenated surface from white to yellow to brown. Environment and vehicle maintenance has a large part to do with how fast this will happen. This oxygenated surface solidifies into a hard outer coating.

The low tech way to solve this problem was to use an abrasive or polish to wear the oxidized surface away. The problem with that approach is that it causes more harm than the oxidation itself. Some thermoplastic based headlight lens are covered with a softer thin membrane that serves as a layer of Ultra Violet Light protection. This thin factory installed layer stops the suns ultra violet light from turning the plastic lenses yellow. Modern acrylic clear coats offer paint the same protection. Note that there are many names for plastic lenses: Acrylic and Polycarbonate are two other terms used to describe these lenses.

Never use an abrasive cleaner or polish on your acrylic paint or headlight lens, unless they have already been compromised with a low tech abrasive cleaners / polishes or have severe surface damage. The use of abrasives to remove oxidation will produce a permanent cloud of scratches on the surface of paint or headlight lens. Oxidation is not damage it is easily removed with a Deoxidizer.