Consumer Reviews

Just dropping a line to let you know, I agree, the acrylic paint conditioner is superior to wax. It has never been so easy for me to keep a showroom
shine on a car. Truly unusually clarity and shine.

Chu Shing, Florida
Great product. Very unique shine. I’m sold, no more wax for me. Thank you

Joanne Wilborn, Tennessee
Vapor wax is the best non wax product I have come across in years.  It was really easy to use and the shine is like nothing I have ever achieved
using polishes and wax.

Maria Pena, Nebraska
I just received my order of Original  ALR APC 360ID. I am blown away at how easy it is to use and the great results. I live in Nova Scotia Canada.
Here, the store sell the kits to sand the lenses. I am in the emergency industry and have noted how the red lenses oxidize.... and how well this
product works to clear them.

My question is can I buy your product without a label? After all, I don’t want my customers going online and buying it and cutting me out. I have a
few ideas on how to sell it and a few contacts in the auto detailing business that I could probably sell to.

Thanks for a great product that works as shown in the videos. I have tried a product out of Florida with minimal change.


I bought the VaporWax conditioner and used it on my Red 89 Ford, People swore I had it professionally detailed. This stuff made the paint look
Thank you for coming up with Vaporwax acrylic paint conditioner. It is so easy and shines so clearly, you have got a customer for life.

Celia Estes, Pennsylvania
Man I really love this vaporwax, best thing I ever put on my car.

Sean Thomason, Nebraska
P.S. Just wanted to share with you,

I was skeptical in trying the ALR and boy did I get laughed at from my sister when I told her about it.  Showed her your video's on you tube and I
must say even I was skeptical.  I mean can you really trust you tube videos?  Even read all the negative comments on detailing sites, but took a
chance and placed my order.

The ALR came and it worked just like it show in your videos.  Then tried a couple of drops of the APC on my sisters black Silverado which had
these unexplained marks that no matter how much polish or wax she applied could not be removed (Have to add, that Silverado is like her baby to
her, can't tell you the threats she gave me just for trying the APC on it.).  Maybe they were swirl marks but looked more like nicks in the clear coat.  
Right away most of them started disappearing.  Needless to say she will be trying a bottle of Vaporwax  as well.

So far everything looks to be working just like your videos show.  Only complaint is the price.  Boy if you could get the price competitive with
caveman wax, you would revolutionize the industry.  I see a lot of comments about people who would try Vaporwax but scared off from the price.  
They may even try it at first for laughs but like my sister would probably be quick converts.

With a product as revolutionary as yours, you know you're going to have opposition.  Heck, I would not even dare mention your product to anyone
prior to have seeing it with my own eyes.  As you probably know the detailing and auto sites are quite opposed to even the mention of Vaporwax.  
Would be fun just to see them eat their humble pie because, you should read some of their comments about you and your product.  It really is like
cavemen who are resistant to change from decades of an entrenched culture.

Anyway, love your products so far but I don't know how long I can afford it.  I hope I can go longer than a couple of months before reapplication. Will
be purchasing 4 bottles of Vaporwax for myself and a couple of Vaporwax converts to get the discount.  Now get your alien friends to work on alien
pricing.  I don't think alien's use money LOL : )

David Oyama, Hawaii
Pittman Original OneStep ALR

Just a note to say I looked at my slightly oxidized Benz head lights for months.
After trying several off the shelf plastic cleaning products, that lasted only a few days and not wanting to sand my lens,
like my dealership suggested. I came across ALR on Google. Reading and viewing everything posted on the liquid product, I
ordered some on a Monday afternoon and received it on a Friday morning the same week. Wow! Within seconds after applying
it the first lens was free of all the haze. After getting the same results on the other headlight I wiped it onthe lower
rear plastic window of my C230 Kompressor which needed a touch up. Again all oxidation gone in 30 seconds.  I never got
these results so quickly with other name brand products used. What a time saver.

Gary Linton. South Carolina
My customer comment about Pittman VaporWax
Hi All
I felt obligated to write you this email.
I was one of those people who stayed away from your product based on what I read on the Autopia web sites. I saw first hand what VaporWax
does when a friend of mine bought some for her new G37. I was amazed and angry at the same time,  angry at myself for listening to those fools
on autopia. That is when I begin to research and found that none of the negative comments came from anyone who actually used the product. All of
the comments I have heard or read from people that used the product were all positive and they came from several different sources, Unlike the
negative comments that basically all came from the autopia related websites
I have been using your product for a year now and just needed to say T
HANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such an excellent product that
actually does what it is advertised to do.
My eyes are open now.
I wish you guys all the best.

Johnnie Mae Ellis, Texas
Hi Mr. Pittman,

I just wanted to let you know that I just bought and used your one step lens restore, and the liquid wax for the second step. My 2002 Jaguar X-Type
looks like it has brand new head light lenses now!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Your product is excellent and I'm so glad I didn't have to do the sanding thing..
I've always doubted the validity of people using the sanding method to restore lenses, it seems like it would do more damage.  

Anyway, I'm sold on your product.  I have a 2000 Porsche Boxter with the plastic back window for the convertible roof.. It was scratchy and foggy
looking, so I thought I'd put your product on it just to see if it would change it.. again...WOW!!!!! The window is super clear now. It's a 13 year old
car, so the wear and tear scratches are still there, but the clarity is unbelievable..

Thank you so much!!!  I have and will recommend your product to all of my car lover friends!!  

~Randy, Altoona, Pa.
I purchased the Pittman ALR lens Restorer, my head lights were not yellow but they were hazy and I was getting a lower than normal light beam. I
did a lot of research on the internet and I knew that I did  not want to purchase one of those Wal-Mart or Auto Supply cleaning kits that contain
abrasive “polishes” and SAND my plastic lenses. Who in their right mind would SAND PLASTIC to make it look better? All that could possibly do
is add damage to the lens that is NOT there in the first place.
I thoroughly cleaned my lenses with dishwashing liquid and a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to cut the grime rinsed them thoroughly and let them dry. I
applied as you suggested one small drop of ALR on a small piece of paper towel abut the size of a quarter, and rubbed the lens in a circular
motion until I had completely covered the entire lens.
I must say that I really did not think that this product was going to perform as claimed. But much to my surprise my head lights now look like they did
when they came off the show room floor. With exception of some small scratches that occurred in the last 8 years. Thank you for your wonderful
product, it does perform as you advertise.
I have included a before and after picture and you are welcome to use these on you web site as well as post this email. Note the dings around the
head light that assures this is the same lens. These photos have not been manipulated in any way and are straight from the camera. See the
difference in the reflection from the back of the lens in the before and after photos.
Anyone reading this please do NOT SAND your lenses use this wonderful product it is worth the money it only takes a few minutes and is effortless
restore your lens don’t destroy them.

Mike Howse
Orlando, FL