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VaporWax APC® Self-Leveling Conditioner

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VaporWax APC® is a highly versatile self-leveling conditioning treatment designed to prevent and mitigate dulling, fracturing, delamination and failure of the clear coat while producing a deep and durable glass-like hydrophobic finish on automotive, marine and aerospace paints. Utilizing an exclusive nanotechnology with advanced conditioning polymers that protect while enhancing vibrance and abrasion resistance, it produces a lightweight molecular barrier that repels the bonding of dirt, oil, salt, sap and bird droppings allowing them to simply wash away with water. VaporWax's versatility allows it to be applied to a myriad of surfaces including plastic, rubber, vinyl, acrylic, chrome, alloy, polycarbonate and aluminum diecast. *Also excellent in maintenance of Marine and Aerospace surfaces.

 Did you know? In it's natural form carnauba can become as hard as stone and while praised for it's hardness and shine it is one of the hardest waxes to remove from your paint, resistant to hot water, soap and heat to upwards of 150℉ it eventually dulls and requires removal. At this point carnauba becomes your paint's worst enemy, attracting and retaining excess heat and contaminants that accelerate dulling, delamination and over time eventual failure. So what separates VaporWax APC® from your everyday common wax?

  • It removes Oxidation and RESTORES COLOR to OLDER VEHICLES.

  • It is FREEZE PROOF so it can be stored and applied in the sub zero temps where conventional wax would freeze.

  • It can be applied in DIRECT SUNLIGHT where conventional wax would bake

  • It PREVENTS the formation of OXIDATION on all acrylic surfaces including modern projector headlights.

  • It is excellent for Nissan/Infiniti "SCRATCH SHIELD PAINT" where conventional wax is not recommended.

  • It REDUCES dulling, fracturing and delamination.

  • It REPELS most common contaminants.
  • It can be applied to ALL EXTERIOR SURFACES.
  • It PROTECTS PAINT & CHROME against CORROSION from road salt.